Top 3 Windsurfing Videos

Here are a few wind surfing videos that I love. The first two are from Miami, because of course I’m biased to that 😉

Virginia Key Windsurfing

I love this video because it really shows the windsurfer’s perspective. I’m not sure if they’re using a mouth mount or a helmet mount, but I like it!

This video will make you feel like you’re out there in the ocean, even though you’re probably sitting on your couch haha.

Yandri’s Windsurfing Adventure

Love the music in this one.

Definitely gets you pumped to hit the water!

Watch Yandri sail around Virginia Key and The Causeway:

Windsurfing Maui (Jaws)

Ok, the first two videos were just a tiny little warmup compared to this one!

This has got to be the most epic windsurfing vid ever!! I mean come on. Jaws. Craziness!

Watch around the 5 minute mark when the jetski gets crushed haha